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Got a question? Let us help you. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for them your convenience. 

Most frequent questions and answers
What MarryMe Vendor?​

MarryMe Vendor is the business partner application to the Sri Lanka’s 1st digital Wedding Platform MarryMe. You can simply join with us, post your packages, promotions, photos, prices and let clients Book you right from MarryMe. Reach a new dimension of customers. Gain recognition. Mange your event. All in one place. Gain extra customers and earn more money with MarryMe.

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How easy is it to use MarryMe Vendor?​

It will not get any easier than MarryMe. Just pick download the MarryMe Vendor App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and register. It takes only 5 minutes. We will verify your details and approve your account within 48 hours. Meanwhile add your pictures, packages and complete your profile, you are good to go.

What are the benefits of using the MarryMe Vendor?

With MarryMe Vendor, you can simply manage all your day to day tasks along with gaining additional clients and income. It is not just another application, It is a business tool that will digitalize your current business.

Is it available for both Android & iPhone?

Yes. MarryMe Vendor is on both the Android Play Store and Apple App Store. Just search for MarryMe Vendor (look for the one with our logo)

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Depending on the accuracy of the information you provide and the nature of the business it may take up to 48 hours for your account to be activated. Once it is activated you will receive an email and a push notification. Meanwhile you may continue setting up your account.

All the value added features provided by MarryMe Vendor is free. You can create any number of packages as you like.

No, but we encourage you to your add prices. However even if you add prices you can hide it if you don’t want your prices to be seen by others. Publish prices, visibility make customers to trust you more. Don’t fear the competition as competition makes the demand for you higher.  

MarryMe holds your funds for a minimum of 7 days just in case of a refund dispute. You will be paid within 7-14 days from a booking confirmation (After customer’s payment).  

It is totally safe to make any payment through the MarryMe Application. Your payments are processed by one of the Sri Lanka’s biggest and the safest payment aggregators, PayHere.   

We are asking for your Identification Card and Business Registration to speedup the verification and approve you faster

Let MarryMe team know your details and the category via or 0117 987 989. If your category is eligible for MarryMe Booking flow we will add your category and let you know.

Simply tap the +Add a New Package button, upload a relevant picture, fill the details, add the prices and tap save. 

  • Select the package applicable year properly if you adding packages for multiple years.
  •  Add packages for individual occasions before adding combined packages.

Yes, you can add any number of photo albums as you wish with each album containing up to 10 photos. Videos are also supported up to 1 minutes of length. Make sure to add copy right free media, otherwise they will be deleted.

You don’t have to do anything if you have completed your profile and added your packages or products. MarryMe will handle the rest. However you can promote your products to gain more traction.

You can simply go to the package you want to edit, click the edit button on the right most top corner, do the changes you desire and tap save.
However if you have an ongoing promotion related to a package, that package will not be editable. 

Absolutely. MarryMe Vendor has an option called Invite Fellow Vendors in the menu page. Once you go to that option you can invite your friends via various options including WhatsApp, FB and SMS

There is. For every 5 successful vendor referrals you get your low commission period extended by 2 weeks. As you continue to refer we will grant you many other benefits. We will let you about them via the App

Yes, However your services are still limited to Sri Lanka. So if you are not returning to Sri Lanka to serve local clients, we recommend going offline until you return. 

MarryMe is providing you extra customers to your business along with your existing ones. All of that is without you have to spend a penny. However if a customer makes a booking through MarryMe we are chagrining a small commission. To find out more send us an email with your business details or call 0117 987 989 

Visit our earning tab to see your earnings that you have made so far through MarryMe

General Guidelines

Here are some guidelines for you to follow and to be successful with MarryMe

A Complete Profile

Complete your Vendor Profile as soon as possible. Add albums to showcase your work and products. Avoid low quality images. Keep it neat and tidy. You will attract more Clients.

Up to date Notebook

Keep your MarryMe Notebook up to date. Add all your offline Bookings to the calendar regularly.  Never loose a client again.

Active Engagement

We will inform you about all the Booking requests as soon as we receive them. Regularly check them and respond. The faster you accept the happier the client will be.


MarryMe value customer satisfaction the most. Both the vendor’s and the general customer’s. In order to protect the  customers satisfaction we monitor your performance, following the guidelines will ensure a higher vendor performance.

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