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Welcome to the MarryMe Vendor Portal. MarryMe Vendor is the business partner mobile application of MarryMe. Sri Lanka’s 1st digital wedding marketplace. Find out everything you need to know about MarryMe Vendor Application and go digital with us.

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Why MarryMe Vendor?

Easy Registration Process

Registering with MarryMe is very simple. Just download the MarryMe Vendor Application from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and follow the few steps

Show your availability on-demand

Wonder how many Bookings you’ve missed because you couldn’t answer the phone? Not anymore. With MarryMe now you can show your availability on-demand to the Clients. Never miss a Booking again with MarryMe

Go beyond your traditional packages

Post Packages with endless options and customizations. Don’t be confined to a specific set of packages, have something for everyone. The more clients the more profits

Gain extra customers and earn more money

Why do just one thing when you can have multiple income sources. Join MarryMe and earn extra money with ease.

Post promotions and boost your sales anytime you want

MarryMe Vendor has one of the industry’s best promotion systems. It allows you to post store wide promotions, individual promotions and to run permanent discounts (charm pricing). Utilize it properly and you will be unstoppable

Introducing MarryMe Notebook

Manage all your offline and online Bookings from a single place. No more carrying books or diaries with you. Never lose any of the Booking/Client data. Make MarryMe Notebook your companion and enjoy many benefits MarryMe offers

Monitor your performance & earnings

MarryMe has a comprehensive dashboard to monitor your online booking earnings easily along with how you have performed for you to be taking informative decisions

Keep your customers happy

Get paid with more than 7 different payments methods

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MarryMe ක්‍රියාත්මක වන ආකාරය පිළිබඳ වැඩිදුර දැන ගැනීමට මෙම ලේඛන බලන්න

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Are you a Gift Plants or a Seeds supplier as Wedding Favors? If you are MarryMe is offering many benefits to you as part of our Green Weddings program. Register today to find out more!

Island-wide Service

Serve customers around the country. Discover and reach new markets you never could

Become Big

Serve clients well, Be a 5 star Vendor. Make sky the limit.

Marketing redefined

Vast array features to attract customers. It's totally under your control

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Receive payments securely. Serve a new segment of clients as a part of the package, for zero effort

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